JAI Refinery

This invention relates to the process for the preparation of a Polymer and Rubber based modified binder, which is usefulfor the construction of roads catering to heavy traffic and also for the formation of airfields surfacing, besides its use as binder for stress absorbing membrane (SAM) and stress absorbing membrane interlayer (SAMI) for sealing of cracks, preventive maintenance of flexible pavement and delaying reflective cracking. Modified bitumen performs better than ordinary bitumen in high rain fall area and in situations where the aggregates are prone to stripping.

Flexible pavements constitute major portion of existing road network and airfields in India.An extensive highway network with desired high speed corridors and air-fields constructed with long lasting pavement and overlays are felt essential.The growth of the economy of a country depends largely upon efficient transport system with minimal possible hindrance to road user due to frequent maintenance needs.

The quality and longevity of pavement as well as overlays and renewals must be, therefore restored in order to reduce road user cost and achieve road safety.Increased number of traffic loads with over loading in excess of permissible limits, higher tyre pressure have caused widespread problems with flexible pavement of National highways.The available 80/100, 60/70 or 30/40 grade or VG grade bitumen produced at our refineries are not suitable for high traffic intensity roads and airfield pavement due to extremely high tyre pressure of aircrafts.The statistics of various overlay I renewals performance suggested that useful life of bituminous overlay has declined from an average value of 8-10 years in the past to about 3-4 years in recent years.

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