JAI Light Diesel Oil Manufacturer & Supplier


Light Diesel Oil falls under class C category fuel having flash point above 66OC. It is a blend of distillate components and a small amount of residual components. It is marketed under BIS 1460-2000 specification for Diesel fuels. Light Diesel Oil LDO offered comes in quality constitution support and provides for optimum functional usage support for Mechanical and Hotmix Plant.


LDO comprises blend of MFO with distillate fuel with small proportion of residual fuel This Fuel Oil density starts from 0.85 to 0.91.


Developed as per industry specifications Used as fuel for lower RPM engines Also used as fuel for lift irrigation pump sets, DG sets, boilers and furnaces and specialized for Hotmix Plant.

Uses of Light Diesel Oil (LDO)
  • As fuel for lower RPM engines
  • As fuel for Lift irrigation pumpsets and DG sets
  • As fuel for certain boilers and furnaces

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