JAI Tar Felt Rolls Manufacturer & Supplier

tar felt rolls manufacturerWe are the preferred wholesaler and distributor ofTar Felt Rollsthat find a vast usage in waterproofing, damp-proofing of roofs, basements, and terraces. Offering strong construction and high bonding capacity, tar felt rolls are widely used in construction purposes. These tar felt rolls can be availed at industry leading rates. Features: High strength Proper seam integrity Easy maintenance Application: Tar Felt - BH are recommended respectively for above and below ground waterproofing applications as per IS code of practice IS: 1346/76 and IS: 1609/76 respectively. They are suitable for application on various types of surfaces such as concrete, corrugated asbestos / GI sheet, timber, shell / folded plates, etc.

tar felt rolls supplier TarFelt BH is a proven waterproofing materials for application on silos, grain godowns, warehouses, wagons, trams, buses, etc. Advantages: Rot proof Proven waterproofing first generation membrane and offers impermeability to water Easy to apply, repair and maintain Dimensional stability with adequate flexibility to adopt all types of contours Application Methodology: Specification regarding the nature of treatment should be decided depending on the type of structure and climatic conditions. For example, in severe climatic conditions a heavy / extra heavy treatment should be adopted. Provide adequate number of drainage outlets of 100 mm diameter at least. Clean the surface thoroughly to make it free from any foreign material.

tar felt rollsRepair all undulation and surface defect like cracks, honeycombing. Provide PCC / cementitious coving at all vertical and horizontal junction. Apply a coat of ShaliTex Primer @ 0.3 L/m2 and allow it to dry. Use STP Bitumen 85/25 as the bonding material be prepared by heating it to the correct working temperature and be spreaded over the roof properly and uniformly @ 1.2 kg/m2 per coat for waterproofing application or as specified. Unroll and fix Tar Felt - BH by applying uniform pressure with a roller/hand pressure for removal of any entrapped air. Provide overlap joints of 75 mm in longitudinal direction and 100 mm in transverse direction and seal it properly with hot bitumen and blow lamp. For double layer treatment, stagger all overlap joints.. Terminate Tar Felt BH at the top of parapet if the height of parapet is upto 500 mm. In case the height of the parapet is above 500 mm, terminate Tar Felt BH at parapet in a groove 50 x 40 mm at parapet at a height of 300mm from the roof level.

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